For you as a business-owner, RUNO’s POS CRM comes as a supremely efficient tool to exclude the most manual and tiresome transactional processes and turns every customer into a loyal one for you.

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What makes our POS CRM special?

Dealing with transactions is not a headache anymore. POS CRM has many built in features that truly makes it stand out among most other mobile based CRMs out there.

App Based Billing

App-based Billing

Going beyond a customer-information system, integration with POS allows you to track who is buying what and how much. For your customers, making payments is not merely a transaction, it’s an experience here.


Having direct access to information about products and services availed by customers, you can send to them invoices through what’sapp or E-mail or you can produce a simple print generated from phone.

Invoicing Options
Appointment Management


Create, modify and cancel appointments for your customers and also, alert them with updates on the go, our appointment management system empowers you with the real mobile control.


We allow you to manage your inventory on the move. Automatic updates on products and their quantities as per the real-time delivery empower you to easily monitor and start to re-fill your top-selling items at different locations, with all the information at one integrated platform.

Inventory Management
Customised Package


All of your customer-retention plans, i.e. membership, wallet system, bundled offers etc. are integrated in our POS, freeing you up from hassles of maintaining separate records.


We are a repository of records. All your contacts, customers’ purchase-history, service-history, everything stays in one database which is backed up on secure Cloud.

Database Management

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